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Why did the hostage shoot her? *spoiler*

Who paid her off, the "corrupt officials" who wanted a deposition from sullivan mentioned at the beginning?
And who was killing all the civilians ripping there heads off with chickens, that psychopath? but he was hospitalized?
this movie answered nothing!


Actually, both of those questions are answered in the film.

The hostage wasn't paid off, she was the drug addict's boyfriend.

The voodoo guy decapitated and stuffed the corpse after finding it already dead as a blessing "so his spirit could fly." The guy had OD'd; nothing to do with the addict from the drug store. The cops explain it in that scene, and again later when Davi confronts the voodoo guy, they refer it to being simply a misdemeanor of corpse desecration.


That hostage was a bitch,poor Katie.