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'Leolo'(1992) shown at 'Cannes Classics 2014' and soon on BluRay !

"Leolo"(1992) will have a BluRay release, soon:

They show a restored HD print at 'Cannes Classics' this year!

LEOLO by Jean-Claude Lauzon (1992, 1h42)

A presentation of « Éléphant, mémoire du cinéma québécois. »
Digital restoration made in 2k from the original negative, sound restored by the Cinémathèque québécoise. Technical services: Technicolor, creative services: Marie-José Raymond et Robert Jacquier for Éléphant.

Why only 2k ? "Leolo"(1992) has some of the most stunning cinematography ever and needs at least a 4k scan...maybe in a few years when the successor to BluRay arrives?