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How did Jonas get the others to walk?

Before the little boy walks on his own, there are tons of earlier scenes with older people walking and "healing". Is this just luck? Or was this part of the act so to speak? We see Debra Winger in the backstage moments getting the people's so-called "information". But that's just personal information. Getting an 80 year-old to drop her walker is completely different. Its never explained.

Leap of Faith (1992) was good though. I was surprised I had seen so many posters with Steve Martin looking over the stars (similar to The Butcher's Wife with Demi Moore). A lot of film companies did this SAME poster over and over again. Never saw the film though. Shocked Liam Neeson and Debra Winger both did it. Weren't they at like the peak of their careers? This movie seems a little low budget, low key.

Anyways, it was nice.