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The advertising for this movie.

I remember seeing the commercials and previews for this movie and thinking it was going to be a silly comedy. Nothing wrong with that. In fact I went to go see it based on that.

I was a little annoyed part way through this first viewing because the previews greatly mislead what kind of movie it really is.

Of course I very much enjoyed the movie and have seen it a few times through the years.

I'm not complaining about the movie. I really love it. The movie is much better than what was represented in the advertising.


I think the was one of Martin's first dramatic type roles. And it may be simply that if you (at that time) were marketing a film with him in it, you would accentuate comedy. Even though the film is more drama than comedy, the goal of marketing is to get people into seats foremost.

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I don't remember the original advertising for this movie, but that's one of my biggest gripes about Hollywood. How many charming little movies have tanked right out of the gate because the marketing department strung together a few comedic moments for the trailer and mounted the advertising campaign as "hi-LAR-ious comedy"?

I love it when comedians like Robin Williams (RIP) and Steve Martin set aside their standard hijinks and showed their talent as dramatic performers.