Debra Winger

Was smokin HOT in this movie!!

There, i just thought i would say that ;-)



The movie double has several purposes. One is to release the actress from non-essential scenes such as views from the back. Such scenes can take several hours of setup to get right, so not making the actress be present can be a big lure for talent to agree to accept a role. Another main purpose is for somebody to be stand-in for the actress during lighting and camera and sound set up so the crew has an idea of what the lighting/focusing/framing/audio composite should be for the actress in question.

Debra Winger's double was a very pretty and classy 3rd grade school teacher in Amarillo who tested for it as a summer job on a lark and wound up being selected. Her size, body type, general facial features, hair and skin color were dead ringers for Debra Winger. She stood in for perhaps 90% of the work that was required for Debra Winger's role during filming. The only times Debra Winger was on set was when she was actually required for filming. Just in case you think the double's role is glamorous and exciting, I recall seeing her sit with Steve Martin's double in a Blazer while lighting and cameras and sound were being set up: for HOURS. Incredibly boring and uncomfortable work much of the time.

I encountered Debra's double on location one day and found her to be a very likable and down-to-earth lady. The type you'd want teaching your 3rd grader. I joked that her only problem was that she was prettier than Debra Winger and might find some jealousy directed her way. The double didn't even grin: she said that her contract included a clause that if the principal actress wanted her removed for any reason she, the double, was out instantly. No quesitons, no appeals, no payoffs. Finished.


Winger didn't have a body double. That's all Debby, as the publicists like to say.


Some filming took place in Plainview, TX, for just a few weeks. The film company sought to rent her a snazzy house there for just her, complete with cook, butler, cleaning lady, etc. The house they settled on for her didn't have a swimming pool, and since Debra's contract called for a private swimming pool for her during filming, no effort was spared to convince the owner to allow a fully equipped and sizeable in-ground swimming pool to be installed. The owner said no, as then they'd be stuck with maintenance costs or have to tear it out after filming was completed. The company then offered to install then remove the pool entirely. As far as I know the owner stuck to "no!" and they had to look elsewhere.

Gee, I never had anybody build me my own custom in-ground pool, fully equipped with heater, pumps, lights and paid life-guard. Must be swell! :)