The Trump Campaign

is eerily reminiscent of Bob Roberts.

2 ways you can go on this job. My way or the highway. Now what's it gonna be Mr. Pink?


The funny thing is, you made your comment before Trump appeared on Saturday Night Live.

I guess all Trump needs now is to stage a fake assassination attempt, attributable to a Muslim so he can say "I was right!" and sadly sweep to victory.


There's still enough time left for him to pull a stunt ala "Bob Roberts." Especially if things continue down the path they are right now.

Trump just wants to be Presidemt foe his ego and for financial reasons. Big banks won't lend him money like before, he can cut taxes on the rich and save himself and his friends billions and he can use the Treasury as his own piggy Bush and Cheney giving billion dollar contracts for the two wars.


I'm watching it for the first time and yes, it's scaringly similar to what is happening.

It appears that Robbins more than twenty years ago understood what is the "soft belly" of the USA.

Juliet Parrish: You can't win a war if you're extinct!