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Which version to buy: Blu-ray or Remastered Blu-ray?


Amazon offers two versions of Baraka on Blu-ray, but makes no distinction what the differences are – other than one version is $16 and the remastered version is $60.

I've tried backtracking this on Google, but found nothing that explains anything.

Anyone have a jot of information on this?

Please illuminate me!


PS. Here are the URL's. So what's the difference???!!!


Hello. I cant tell you what is the difference between Baraka versions, but I can tell you that remastered version of Fight Club is worth buying, so here are compare screens and maybe they help you to decide...


Just picked up the "restored" version which was rescanned at 8K from the "fully restored" 70mm. I'm guessing this is the one to get. It's immaculate.

Would you happen to have any... flan?


They don't even have a remastered Blu-ray version here, just remastered DVD. Aren't all Blu-ray versions remastered?

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Aren't all Blu-ray versions remastered?


You are well off assuming that it hasn't been remastered unless it actually says so.

What remastered means for this film is not just that they went back and rescanned it at a higher resolution. They went all the way and cleaned up the print, regraded the frames, de-grained a lot of the footage, and basically restored the 70 print to 8k digital frame by frame.

On the remastered disc, there's a documentary on the remastering process.

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Yeah, that was a pretty old post and luckily I know better by now, heh. :P


The original Blu-Ray has had issues of 'freezing up' on some Blu-ray players. You can determine if it is the original release by the packaging which is an 'environmentally friendly' cardboard box.


Mine froze as described on my Sony BDP-350. I contacted MPI and they kindly replaced my disc with the re-mastered one as soon as I mailed it in. The new version is packaged in a standard BD case.

Video quality is otherwise identical.

Hope this helps.



Thanks, man!

Very interesting information.

But are you sure we're talking Blu-ray apples to Blu-ray apples?

If you would, please check out the Amazon links on my post – the packaging is different for the two versions.

Do these two packages match up with the ones you received?

Also, still can't quite figure out why they're charging double for the remastered version. Any idea?

Thanks again for your time and kind consideration!



Almost positive JP. The one shown in your second link was the original in the cardboard packaging, and the re-mastered version is now in the standard Blu-ray shell. The new version that I received from MPI still has the yellow '8K UltraDigital HD' banding on the cover, so I'm thinking they simply edited the cover to differentiate the official release of the disc.

I'm not sure how they could have re-mastered it to an improved version as it was apparently an 8K UltraDigital transfer to begin with, so I doubt they could improve the image of the original which was truly stunning other than the play problem to which I referred.

You could call MPI directly to confirm and post your findings here. I'm sure that there are those that already have the disc that will be willing to purchase another copy if they've infact completely re-mastered Baraka on Blu-Ray!


Thanx, Gord!

All most helpful!

I take your word for the gospel!

You da bomb!

Thanks again!



You're welcome JP.

Did you call MPI to confirm?

Enjoy this 'Must Have' Blu-ray if you get it!



The best thing you can do to yourself, is find a 70 mm screening of it. That experience alone is worth a lot more than any amount of television screenings will ever give you!


This is the 2 film package I bought from Amazon for £16. Baraka comes with a special feature about the restoration process and a feature length documentary on the making of, so I guess this must be the restored version. The quality is excellent.

This means something, this is important.


thanks im sure everyone will get right on that.