My favorite Amityville movie

Granted the original film is the definitive AMITYVILLE HORROR film, but personally I like this one the most. I also love the recognizable cast from many other good movies, and this is without a doubt Megan Ward's hottest role. Course she probably has never cared to look back.

I haven't seen THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING, but since it's by The Asylum I'll assume the worst, and I haven't seen AMITYVILLE: DOLLHOUSE. Not sure if I've seen AMITYVILLE IV: THE EVIL ESCAPES. But this one is really underrated.


I agree. It's a lot better than people give it credit for. It had some creepy scenes and memorable moments. Tony Randel did a great job with it, albeit not as great as HellBound.

Do yourself a favor and watch THE EVIL ESCAPES. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. It's one of the cheesiest made-for-tv horror flix ever.

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I think this is my favorite of the sequels as well. It is a very entertaining film and I don't see why it has such a low rating on here. For some reason, most people just seem to despise sequels just because they are sequels. I've never been like that, though. I think that if people gave this film a chance, there's no way they could dislike it because it is very good.

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It's one of the better ones.

the original
the remake


Part 6s aren't supposed to be so good, but this one is.

I was always quite fond of JASON LIVES and FREDDY'S DEAD to be honest.


I always loved this movie, in fact I remember renting it over and over again as a kid. I love the first 3 movies, and don't even mind part 4, and The next generation, but this is not only my favorite sequel in the series, but one of my all time favorite horror sequels. It's About Time had a great director, cast, script, and effects behind it. Truly the shot of life it needed in this series. I thought the ending was clever, and the characters very well done. I wonder if anyone from the cast or crew kept that clock, would kill to find it! Fingers crossed Scream Factory does a SE blu-ray!

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