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Sorry to ask this provocative question but SPOILERS ALERT -

was the scene in "You Have The Right to Remain Silent" with Denise Crosby REALLY an example of "non statutory female on male rape", as in, did that police woman REALLY force the man to have sex with her against his will, in a role reversal sort of way?

Because from what I remember seeing it, it looked more like a consensual example of S&M like fantasy, and I don't remember the man struggling or complaining or being drugged or even in any real way forced by her to have sex. From what I remember he even enjoyed it and didn't really feel too bad or depressed or regretful or suicidal afterwards either. (OK, I'm not trying to sound, "you know what" like, let's not get TOO carried away here emotionally please. And I mean no offense, apologies for being overly curious.)

Or maybe Zalman King wanted to make it rather ambiguous back in 1992 whereas say ten years later professional critics and audiences identified it for what it REALLY was.

And if it really was that, do you think that later he would seek therapy or even attempt to track her down to exact revenge or anything of that sort?

By the way, if it really WAS that as well, why in the world would filmmakers include an episode with that theme and scene on what is supposed to be an EROTIC DRAMA - where people have sex CONSENSUALLY and for pleasure, as opposed to being forced into it against their will, which cannot really be erotic by definition alone? How is a man being raped by a woman an example of "erotica"?

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