A Double Meaning

In my opinion, Helen Hunt is an actress that no one else has surpassed or even equaled. She is as close to perfection as you can get in a human being! On top of that, I think that Leila Kenzle who played Fran on this show is also a pretty hot number. I would consider Anne Ramsay who played Lisa to be an ordinary plain Jane who would be able to pick me up on the rebound if both Jamie and Fran had turned me down. Finally, we come to Paul's mother Sylvia played by Cynthia Harris. One episode in which I have very fond memories of her is "Escape from New York". In this episode, there was a scene in which she was standing at the kitchen counter in her apartment fixing a snack for Paul and Jamie. Her back was to the audience and she was wearing designer jeans. I thought that her butt looked great! In closing, I would like to say that Jamie and Fran were hot stuff and Lisa and Sylvia were not far "behind"!