The man.

Big part of what makes the Highlander series work. Adrian Paul, as the Highlander, is so genuinely honest, to a fault, in all of his flashbacks. He's the big naive kid who doesn't understand. Yet, in the future setting, he is very detached and sometimes cruel. And always matter of fact in the way that only a lifetime of wisdom can deliver. As is shown when he is always short with Ritchie. He knows the game is upon them and there's no time to waste with Ritchie's schooling. He can't be the leader and teacher he knows he has to be. You can see him visibly frustrated by it. By the nature of the modern times. I haven't seen it yet, but there may be a moment when Duncan realizes he's not here to be a mentor, but the champion. An ugly truth that begins with Darius's murder that he hasn't yet confronted.