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The Boy in Ep13 'Father Figure'

What happened to Daniel, the little boy that LaCroix turned into a vampire, did they ever say what happened to him or was he just mentioned in Father Figure?


They never said, he was only in the one first season episode.



I always wondered what happened to him, very Claudia like from interview with the vampire but sadly never explored.

A truly great show nonetheless.


This is one episode that frustrates me to no end, LaCroix brings him over, we see that, Natalie asks Nick what did happen to Daniel, and it went unanswered for the remainder of the series. Major loose end that was never resolved


One suspects the Enforcers had a fang in dealing with him. Eventually.

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In regards to the show, he was never seen again.

In regards to the actor, he ended up starring in another Canadian series "The Odyssey" playing the part of Jay Ziegler.

It's always possible the original intent was to have him play a bigger role in "Forever Knight" that got scrapped when he became unavailable.

There's also the idea that he had a pretty big growth spurt from the time he shot the pilot of "The Odyssey" and when the series was picked up. He had yeat another one partway into the series. I'm not sure that's conducive to being an unchanging immortal.