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Were You A Fan Of USA UP ALL NIGHT? If You Were Then Needing Your Help!

It has been a long time since I have seen this movie but I remember seeing it though on a great show that use to be on the USA Network called USA UP ALL NIGHT! Who can ever forget the movies that they would show!

They would show a variety of movies like B movies, cult classics, horror movies, and a few mainstream movies that were awesome to watch! Then there is also the hosts that were on the show as well! Who can ever forget the beautiful blond Rhonda Shear who hosted the show on Friday nights?

Then on Saturday there was Gilbert Gottfried who was tremendous on this show as well! So if you were a fan of this show and the kind of movies then check out the website that is on my signature, you can go to as welll, or I created a forum on MySpace under USA UP ALL NIGHT and the website is there as well.

This is not just for fans of the show because I know there are people out there who have never heard of the show before, seen it, or are too young to remember this great show that was on the weekends at one time.

While you were there take the time and explore the website and watch the video clips of the show as well. While you are there take a few minutes of your time and sign the petition so we can bring back USA UP ALL NIGHT to the USA Network on its regular scheduled time of Friday and Saturday nights!

Let your family and friends know about this as well who were fans of the show so that they can go to the website and sign the petition as well!

Thanks again!


Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans of the show!