Why all the haters?

I love this movie. The one liners are hilarious. Kathleen does a fantastic job as V.I.

One of my favorite scenes is when Vic and Cat go to Murray's house and find him with a woman. The dialog in that scene is laugh out loud funny.

I don't personally understand why this movie didn't do better. Oh well.

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Sneeze, and it's goodbye Seattle."


I agree with you. Strong female main character, played excellently by Kathleen Turner. I never read the books, didn't even know there were any until just now, so I can't compare it to them.

I think what sank it was that she did play a strong, independant, smart female lead. Even at the beginning of the `90s, you just didn't see this kind of character played by women.


I just watched it on video today, and thought it's was pretty entertaining. It's not THAT bad. I've seen better, but I thought it was okay.


I liked it, it was silly and fun. And in 1991 there werent a lot of female heroes that were taken seriously, at least not in crime comedies or cop thrillers.
But it wasnt great and you have to remember it was competing with a lot of awesome action flicks like Star Trek 6 and Terminator 2. Silly schlock like this was falling by the wayside. Tango & Cash didnt do well either, was made with an 80's style in the 90's, people were tired of it.

On a side note I wish I could see it. Was on HBO a thousand times back then but now I cant get it on netflix or through Amazon.

Nevermind, I checked Amazon for the first time in months. Sure enough its out now. On Bluray for freakin 5 dollars, new. Sweet deal. Theres also a bunch of other classics on bluray. They started popping up when I put this in my cart.


Sure enough its out now. On Bluray for freakin 5 dollars, new.

Got it yesterday at Dollar Tree for $1.

I just finished watching the movie, and I really liked it. Can't believe all the bad reviews.



I'm with you, TDMM....
I got my Bluray copy for one buck from Dollar Tree as well.
However, I didn't think the movie was all that. It WAS worth a dollar. Had I kicked down $5.00, I'd probably feel I had gotten screwed.
But watching this, I kinda wish someone would have made a Lauren Bacall bio pic (back in the early 90's) and had Kathleen Turner star. I think she would have been great. Too late now, I'm afraid...
I found I liked the character of V.I. Warshawski, and the way Turner played her... I didn't like much of anything else this movie had to offer.

Trust me,
My, you're nosey, aren't you?


That's the problem, it's not supposed to be funny. It'd be like making a Jack Reacher movie and casting a really short actor. Oh wait...