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Anybody feel sorry for the trucker?

They shot up his truck for being a pig!:

Now he is stranded in the dessert. His delivery won't make it to Fresno and he will loose some pay. He will have to pay for dammages! He could have been seriously hurt, maybe even killed from the explosion! Then they drive away and laugh about it! Come on!

He was probably lonely on the road. He just saw the opportunity for some female companionship. So they let him down there. But, Truckers are supposed to be pigs!

Granted not appologizing was a stupid mistake, especially when people are pointing a gun at you. But now he was vicitimsed.

Remember he has no idea what Thelma went through: (getting raped, robbed, beaten by her husband and forced to commit robery.)


He was a boorish jerk. Did he deserve to be slapped? Yes. Did he deserve to have his life threatened and his truck and cargo destroyed. No.


But to be fair, he was given a fair warning. He refused to apologize, so he got what he had coming to him, case closed.