Sequence that the film was shot?

Is it possible to find out the sequence of when scenes were shot? Eddie obviously grew during the movie and looks older in some parts than in others and then I've heard it mentioned that in T1 all of the scenes where Linda is running were done last because of her injury.

I just find it interesting in general if a record is kept of how any movie is shot.


Apparently the movie was filmed from October 9, 1990 - March 28, 1991. Edward Furlong was born August 2, 1977 so he would've been about 13 years, 2 months when they started filming and about 13 years, 8 months when they finished filming.

He did almost age 1 full year during filming, so you are right.


in what country are 6 months "almost 1 full year"?


Hey, the nearest whole number of 0,5 is 1. I guess MinorityRules took this rule to heart.


I made a mistake. I saw he was 13 years 8 months when done filming and based on the fact he's only 4 months away from turning 14, I said he almost aged a year. I forgot to take into account the 2 months to 8 months, which is only 6 months. haha


I know roughly the filming schedule from having obsessively watched and re-watched the making of featurettes and commentaries on both the Extreme and Special Editions over the years.

As someone earlier said, filming began in October 1990. it actually wrapped the following April.

The desert segment in the middle of the movie was shot first. Incidentally, one of the production assistants mentions on the Special Edition commentary that Furlong looks especially young in most of those shots and states that for the scene where John and the Terminator are talking about crying they wanted to not re-dub Furlong's dialogue in post-production because they wanted his high voice to remain intact because they felt it somehow fit the scene.

All the scenes at John's foster house were shot next(October 1990).

Then the drainage canal chase(late October).

Then many of the Cyberdyne scenes, including the shootouts, Terminator crashing the van into the lobby, and the building blowing up(first half of November).

Then the helicopter/SWAT van chase and pickup truck/tanker chase(second half of November).

Then the steel mill scenes(December and January).

Then the pre-credit future war sequence

Then all the scenes at the mental hospital, including Sarah's escape with John and the Terminator(January 1991).

Then all the scenes at Dyson's house(early February).

Then some scenes requiring the use of a soundstage and, believe or not, rear-projection! These would have included the scene right after the hospital escape where Sarah scolds John in the car, as well as closeups of all the actors during various chases throughout the movie.

Then the scenes at the mall where the Terminators first find John, including the shootout in the utility corridor, the T-1000 throwing Terminator through the window, and the first part of the subsequent chase with the T-1000 chasing John on foot out of the parking garage(March).


Then John calling his house from the payphone, telling the Terminator about the history of him and his mom, the two jocks showing up, and John telling Terminator not to kill anyone.
The Terminator's arrival at the biker bar was filmed either just before or after that.
The bit where they pull over after the canal chase and Terminator explains his mission was also filmed about this time(late March).

Sarah's nightmare was filmed next.

Then the T-1000's arrival(early April).

And finally the opening credit sequence with the burning playground.


the scene right after the hospital escape where Sarah scolds John in the car
Did they mention why the rear projection was so bad here?


Did they mention why the rear projection was so bad here?
James Cameron did say, shortly after T2, that he preferred the use of rear projection over blue and green screen since it aids actors performances by giving them something to react to. Though I'm pretty sure this was the last time he used it, and surely one of the last times it was ever used in any movie. I wonder what Cameron would say about rear projection now!