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Stone Cold vs Beyond the Law?

Both movies are good but I think beyond the law is better.


Two different aims. Stone Cold tries to be nothing more than a muscular, brainless action movie while Beyond the Law has pretentions of a serious drama about the perils of undercover police work, not to mention the exorcism of Sheen's personal demons.

I think Stone Cold succeeds more. Beyond the Law is engaging but Stone Cold is basically an instructional manual for how to make a fun action movie. Colorful villains (Henriksen and Forsythe kill it), breakneck pace, no shortage of explosive (literally) scenes and an awesome, no-nonsense's like one long highlight reel.

In summary, Beyond the Law is a decent drama but Stone Cold is a perfect action flick. I think we can agree though that the world needs more undercover biker movies.


We watched both tonight and I have seen them when I was a kid. I love them both. Stone cold is in a class of it's own for action movies. Big, loud and full of testosterone! I really love it.