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not on dvd in the uk yet

why has this action classic not been released on dvd yet in the uk. sony pictures own what was Columbia tri star home video and own both Columbia pictures(which released this film) and tri star pictures. hopefully sony will put this classic on dvd. plus Columbia tri star also forgotten to put two other great action movies on dvd blind fury (1989 tri star) and runaway (1984 tri star) so them two and stone cold I keep on vhs. how come sony can put *beep* like solo on dvd which went direct to video in the uk and goodfilms like stone cold, blind fury and runaway which all got a theatrical release in the uk are still on vhs. hopefully next year sony will put all 3 on dvd and make two disk special edition dvds for them.

This reminds me of my father's last words Don't son, that gun is loaded


It is now and bluray.