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The most inept undercover cop ever (SPOILERS)

I own this movie. It is very entertaining and I dig the director. He did other classics like I COME IN PEACE and ACTION JACKSON.

However, Huff/Stone was supposed to do a few things:

-Get a witness (she died)
-Nail bad guys during a drug buy (he destroyed 1 000 000$ worth of confiscated dope)
-Prevent an assassination on the DA (that failed miserably)

So this has to be the worst cop ever.

Still a most entertaining movie.

Personal insults have no place in smart discussions.


Lol I never thought of it this way. You make good points however.


Nah, Keanu Reeves' character in Point Break, Johnny Utah, easily beats Huff here in the ineffectual department. Dude literally doesn't accomplish a thing and gets a ton of people killed in the process.


Well at least Stone looked good doing it. With his two toned, partially shaved mullet, grown up Bam Bam looking self.



No two persons ever watch the same movie.


Although you are technically right, Stone did accomplish the main goal (and then some). The entire biker gang was completely wiped out.