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things i learned watching "stone cold"

1. baddies typically walk right up to surveillance cameras and scream "I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!"during the commission of a brutal felony

2. chains "needs a new bitch"

3. i'd rather be first in hell than second in heaven!


5. kimodo dragons eat some exotic breakfast foods

6. stone doesn't think a cranked out a biker babe is something you just give away

7. we're gonna get in each others heads,man.

8. "covert" doesn't mean one of your old ladies seeing and hearing everything

9. the "whip" is cracked

10. gut needs to take that *beep* harmonica outside

anything i missed?

This Bellini is starting to look like a real Kapuchnik.


11. They need clean up on aisle 4
12. Chains father last words were, don't son that gun is loaded
13. Ice looks like a roach
14. If your kutte hits the ground even in a fight, Chains will peel you're skin off with a knife dipped in poop
15. Stones grandfather likes to cut heads off chickens
16. Chains old lady is a cockroach
17. Stone did some painful time
18. Stone is a grown up version of Bam Bam
19. Everything is negotiable
20. Stones partner Lance has never seen a woman that well made
21. Lance could tell George Washington has scabies
22. Lance likes clean glasses to drink his beer from
23. Whip likes to say death
24. Giving a lenient sentence to a biker will get you blown up.
25. Demechis head is all fuchhedd up
26. P2P is 50,000 a drum
27. Joe Huff is a cop.
28. Tooles dicckk wants to live
29, the FBI doesn't believe in blackmail
30. Crashing your bike out a two story window and you and your passenger landing into a chopper is the best escape route.....

Keep it going everyone!!!!!