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This is an incredibly underrated movie.

Cuaron & El Chivo's first collaboration is brilliant, a hidden gem. Both director and cinematographer are at their very best. I've never seen an artist more in love with the color green, a photographer more obsessed with spirals.
This movie lays the groundwork for their next two breakthrough films,Y Tu Mama & Children of Men. These three movies put together is the most impressive body of work I can possibly imagine. When you add all of Lubevski's work with American director Terrence Malick, and Cuaron's "Prisoner of Askaban," it makes me wonder if these two guys are the best filmmakers working today. There's a lot of negative buzz around their next release, Gravity, but I cannot wait to see it.

Can anyone name a better director/cinematographer duo than these two? I think the only one that comes close is Malick & Lubevski. Props to the Chivo.

Anyway this movie is available on Netflix, and probably will be forever, so... I recommend everyone check it out.