Was looking forward to this movie, but found it really disapointing.

For some reason, I did not find the characters appealing AT ALL. It's hard to enjoy a movie when you do not like the characters.

Felt the lead really lacked SOMETHING...

And I really like the whole Revenge Theme and Don Juan Theme. I wonder if there was something missing from the DIRECTION...

I could not help but compare this to the wacky comedies of Pedro Almodovar. Perhaps it is unfair to compare directors, but I kept thinking:


Or Alex de la Iglesia (another great director from Spain).

Anyone else seen this and felt the same way??



I disagree, but fully understand where you come from. Tomas Tomas is a total bastard, but he did kind of gain my empathy when he said that he just couldn't stop having affairs like that right after he had sex with that girl at the wedding.

Also, it's a black comedy and for it to work, I think you need to dislike the characters a bit.


The point is that you SHOULDN'T like Tomás character until he redeems himself at the end of the movie.

IMO Cuarón's direction is quite polished, not a masterpiece by any means, but a quite good comedy.

Didn't you like at least the lush cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki? (IMO one of the best cinematographers alive)

I dunno why you are so harsh on Cuarón. Remember that this was his FIRST feature film. And if you ask me is much better than Almodóvar 1st feature film (the plain dull movie called "Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón").

I don't see Cuarón making "All About my Mother" but neither I do see Almodóvar making "Children of Men".



I feel the same way. I was expecting a very good comedy but it just lacked that special "something" didn't like it at all.

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