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Well, that makes absolutely no sense at all

I hadn't seen these films before but there was nothing better on TV so just watched the first film, which is now being followed by the sequel.

At the end of the first film, the three of them are found in the dinghy by Richard's father (far fetched indeed) and when he asks if they are dead, the reply is "no, they are sleeping". This may or may not simply mean "they are dead" but the way sailor adamantly says "no sir, they're sleeping" makes me think not.

End of film.

So now to the start of the sequel.

Another boat, which appears to have nothing to do with Richard's father, has also found the little dinghy the three are on. Now they are dead, apart from the baby.

So - what happened to Richard's father finding them? Did he decide he couldn't be bothered rescuing them after all?

How has the baby aged so much and his hair grown?

How did they manage to not only change positions in the dinghy, but also change the dinghy itself?

Did the director of the sequel scan through the script of the original and make the rest up as he went along?

I suspect I'm about to give up on this one!


On the DVD audio commentary track on the first movie, director Randal Kleiser (who executive produced the sequel) said they wanted to pick up where "The Blue Lagoon" ended which would have Richard and Emmeline taken to civilation. However, as he stated, "We were pushed into making the first movie all over again," which meant killing off Richard and Emmeline and taking their child Paddy (renamed Richard) and the other baby girl Lily back to the island.


"Forced" because they couldn't get Brooke Shields (Christopher Atkins was willing). The credits list a character named Lestrange which was the last name of Richard and his father but the only man on the boat from the first film was the captain's first mate who is older but was the actor who said that Richard, Emmeline an Paddy were alive. Strange.

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