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Opening scene makes no sense

In the 1st movie he steals his buddie's car to get Junior back. Fast forward to the start of this film Ben and Jr are sitting in the same car with packed luggage, and a mobile uhaul container attached to the rear. Also they arrive in Mortville and move right in to the new house. Ben must have bought the house and sold his old house somewhere between the 1st movie and the sequel, but they make it seem like right after Ben gets shot by the bow tie killer they just go home, and quickly pack some bags, then just decide on a whim to leave Cold River. Leaving town in his friend Roy's car no less. Why does he still have the car? Roy didn't report the car stolen or even notice his car back at Ben's house while they packed? They must have stayed in Cold River at least a couple more months while Ben was selling the house, and after the sale he must have took a solo trip to Mortville to buy the new house. I guess they forgot they bought a new house in the opening scene. I guess Roy felt bad for Ben, and just let him have his car. The whole opening scene is just silly and makes no sense.


I think what is throwing you off is the car. Yes it seems like they went back, packed up, and hit the road in a matter of days. Seeing them leaving in the same car makes it seem they decided to leave town right away, but they are not exactly sure where they are going yet.

For certain it did not play out like that. They went home, his friend must have gotten his car back or Ben would be in jail. His wife Flo definitely would have returned as well. The time between Problem Child 1 and 2 was definitely a few months, and during the time he sold the house, probably got a divorce, and bought the new house. Ben couldn't have bought the new house until after the sale of his old house since he was flat out broke. Take into account that Mr. Peabody changed careers during that time and conveniently ended up in Mortville as well lol. He didn't do it overnight either.

The car situation is weird. Perhaps Roy decided to sell Ben the car, or Ben bought a car just like it. The opening should've shown them leaving town in a different car, because it looks like Ben just stole the car and kept it. Also after the sale of the old house Flo would have gotten half of the profits. The new house he bought looked even more expensive then his old house, or at least the same. I guess Mortville real estate is way cheaper than Cold River real estate.