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The Perfect Weapon Blu Ray a disappointment

I've been waiting for an official DVD or Blu-Ray release of this movie for a long time; I saw it at the theater when it was first released and thought it was a pretty good movie.

I just got this on Blu-Ray and it's a real disappointment; having seen this in the theater I know it was filmed in widescreen but the Blu-Ray version looks formatted for a regular TV with both sides cut off; this is pretty apparent during the opening titles where the credits are cut off on the right. It really perplex me why the studio would release it like this, I can't believe that a widescreen print doesn't exist somewhere.

Also, I seem to remember seeing this on TV once and there were at least one or two scenes shown that were not included in the theatrical version; this release doesn't include any of those deleted scenes.


The Blu-ray is in 1.78:1, which means it's shows slightly more picture information at the top and bottom of the screen, compared to the cinema version which was in 1.85:1. When i saw it last year, i didn't notice any thing wrong with it.


I'm OK with everything. I was just happy to finally own a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of this movie.

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I saw it in the theater too, thanks to a friend of mine who thought he was a ninja. He was all pumped up after this one, I didn't care for it much myself. Haven't seen it since, and barely remember any of it (in fact I just thought about it for the first time in a decade probably) and was wondering if it was on Blu Ray so I could watch it for old time's sake. Netflix doesn't have it though, in any format.

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