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Perfect Weapon Uncut Two Hour Version on Reelz TV

Right now on the Reelz TV station The Perfect Weapon (1991) uncut 2 hour edition is on and I have no way to record it. Does anyone have this available in its two hour version or can anyone tape it for me if you get this message in time? Thanks.

So I far I've seen Jeff Sanders as a kid at an arcade, different music for the early training, and Jeff talking to the younger Jennifer. Jeff talks to the adult Jennifer and they both fight off Korean hitmen in a garden. Jennifer had quite a few lines and it seems odd every line with Jennifer of any age was cut out of the theatrical version.


I didn't even know there was a 2-hour version. Damn. I wish I could see that. Searched all the over net and this version doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

Very good. But brick not hit back!


I WANT to see this version you are talking about?