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For years I have heard about the behavior of the two stars during the filming of this movie. Can somebody please reveal the secret history of what went on behind the cameras other than that the two leads met and fell in love? If you need to, e-mail me direct at [email protected].


Google Neil Simon and this product and you will get most of the story. Apparently they were both pretty big jackasses during filming, along with the Producers (all 17 of them, according to Simon), the Director and just about everyone else.


>>Apparently they were both pretty big jackasses during filming<<

Apparently their "diva" behavior continued even after the filming stopped, they married and got divorced. Nothing I've seen in the press on either Basinger or Baldwin would win them "parent of the year" awards. Awful, childish behavior.


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In 1991, Basinger starred alongside Alec Baldwin in The Marrying Man. Odds are you have forgotten about this slight Neil Simon comedy. But when it was released, the film was infamous for the behind-the-scenes fights.

When The Marrying Man started, Baldwin was a rising star. The Hunt for Red October had not yet been release. Disney Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg got the production off on the wrong foot when he met Baldwin and reportedly joked “We could get a gate guard to do the same job as you.” Baldwin didn’t take kindly to the joke.

He did take to Basinger though. The two began a hot, steamy on-set romance. Several members of the crew complained about Basinger and Baldwin’s on-set shenanigans. Reportedly, Basinger did not wear underwear on the set and was very forthcoming with what she wanted to do to her co-star in between takes.

One crew member commented, “Honest to God, if I were destitute and living on the street with no food and somebody offered me a million dollars to work with Alec and Kim, I’d pass. Their actions were vile, deplorable, despicable.”

The script for The Marrying Man was written by comedy legend Neil Simon. Basinger was unhappy with her dialogue and wanted it rewritten. Reportedly, she told Simon “Whoever wrote this scene doesn’t understand comedy.” Neil Simon denied the incident. But he only visited the set one more time during filming.

The Marrying Man turned into a cautionary tale. It came in over-budget, was blasted by critics and bombed at the box office.


That set the tone for what was to follow as the superheated twosome became Hollywood’s couple most likely to offend. During the four months in which Marrying Man was filming last year, plus 10 hectic days of reshooting in January, Basinger, 37, and Baldwin, 33, provided a tour de force demonstration of on-set egotism, chair-throwing rages and sexual exhibitionism. The filming of the tale of a toothpaste heir who falls—again and again—for a Las Vegas lounge singer (see review on page 15) is a far juicier story than the one that opened to middling reviews this month. It is also a story that still has Hollywood talking.

How bad was it on The Marrying Man set? One senior member of the production crew gives a clue. “Honest to God, if I were destitute and living on the street with no food and somebody offered me a million dollars to work with Alec and Kim, I’d pass,” he says. “Their actions were vile, deplorable, despicable.” Basinger was no more charitable. Making the movie “was the worst situation anyone could imagine—ever,” she told USA Today. “I thought hell was below us, but it fell right on my head.” Baldwin has refused to make any comment.


SPY Magazine did a terrific hatchet job on the making of "The Marrying Man", detailing Baldwin's onset nastiness and Basinger's insane demands. I don't remember the details, except that for EVERY take of a closeup she left the set and had her makeup completely redone (which took about an hour per retake), where any other actress just had her powder and lipstick touched up. Their unbridled egotism cost the filmmakers an unholy fortune, and then the film was a massive flop. Their careers both tanked overnight.%0D %0D So "LA Confidential" was actually a comeback for Basinger, a comeback which went nowhere since she was no longer young but was still a pain. And the whole flap about the phone call came well after their heydays, and after the first round of comebacks.

—I''m ashamed to know this much about those asholes

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