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this movie was a flop but i really enjoyed it.

this movie was a flop but i really enjoyed it. neil simon is a genius.

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watched it a few days ago on TV.

A very good surprise, really liked it.


I thought it was great. Don't understand the complaints.


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I just watched it & I loved it. I don't get the complaints either. It's a great romantic comedy. Kinda reminded me of Forget Paris, which is one of my all-time favorite rom-coms.

You can't get a more beautiful couple than Kim and Alec, either.

There've only been three threads about this movie in the past two years! Under-rated gem.

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I'd like the fight scene between Charley and Gus in this movie, and not to mention Alec Baldwin smashing a few things after being hit, and Kim Basinger's post Batman screaming.


Same. Caught it on TV over a decade ago and really enjoyed it. Then found out later that people hated it. I think sometimes it's popular to trash some films, and people go along with the crowd without paying attention to the film itself.


~ I am so surprise that this movie flopped?. Its a terrific romance comedy & Neil Simon can't do no wrong in my opinion. I remember that I first saw The Marrying Man in the early mid 90's when my friend's older brother rented the VHS. Yes people used to rent videos back in the days before DVDs were invented. I remembered that we all enjoyed the movie then. Hell I still I luv it now and never get tired of watching it.



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