Let's Talk About It

I want to begin to conversation about this film.
It is one to be talked about.
I want to hhear your thoughts. Questions. Views.
I am very interested. Let's start!


My view is - it sucks. Except for Hupperts great acting, this film is crap.


Why do you feel that way?
What in your thoughts makes it a bad film?


It was one of the most boring films I ever watched - and I'm a big fan of slow, dialogue-based film.

The dialogue was all over the place, it was for the better part incomprehensible, there was little or no connection between scenes, the characters were shallow and the film overall is like a wall you crash into and can't enter. I love surrealism, just not like this. I need a connection to reality, and there was none in this film. The scenes were weird for the sake of weirdness.

I'm not sure why people love this film, but each to their own I guess.


It seems that the very few people who have seen this film either like it or hate it.
I really liked it. This director is known for his non-linear approach to films. There is something VERY experimental about his work. I get the sense that he projects a lot of his own themes into his films: like all the seemingly disconnected imagery. They are beautiful images, but it is hard for a viewer to always relate them to reality.

It’s interesting that you said you felt that the characters were shallow. I thought quite the opposite. Ivan isn’t shallow at all. In fact he cuts himself in one scene because he feels for Huppert’s character, but he cannot help her. Maybe he is shallow in the sense that he doesn’t care enough or doesn’t know enough to help her. (Do you know which scene I’m talking about?) (I just thought of that.)
The Woman (Isabelle Huppert’s character) is all over the place. She is very disturbed, and she would need a LOT of help from very skilled professionals. Malina (even though he isn’t real) doesn’t strike me as shallow character at all either. In fact, he is the most giving of all the character sin the film. He is The Woman’s protector, and he tries desperately to calm and cure her. When it fails again and again over time, he gives up. A very human trait.

I can understand why you dislike the film. It’s not an easy film to watch or analyze because it is all over the place. A big part of it my fondness of it is due to the fact that I am a hardcore psychology major. It’s use of imagery and randomness almost hits he as a sort of free association often used in forms of therapy.
I saw this director’s film DEUX before I saw this one. It also stars Huppert. His style really interested me because it was so challenging. I was sad to learn that he recently died earlier this year from cancer.

About Malina: what do you think really went on between Huppert’s character and the father figure?

I started reading the book. Let me tell you that the film is simplified compared to the book. It is well composed, but is is everywhere. Very frantic. Parts of the book are very meta-cognitive. It attempts to bridge the violent gap between man and women by filling it with the richness of art and language. NOT by any means a simple subject. It’s very hard to read. Exhausting, in fact. You almost need to stop after every page and analyze because doing so would be impossible after too many pages.

Wow: this is an interesting talk! I’ve been wanting to talk to someone about his film since I saw it earlier this year.
Let’s talk about more films. What do you say?