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Great film, and here are my reasons

First off, I grew up in the 50s watching the wonderful Mary Martin "Peter Pan", and I love Disney's version, as well as the 2003 version with Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook.
That said, no version of the Peter Pan legend touched me as much as this one did. There were certain scenes that tugged at my heartstrings and brought a shiver to my spine.
When Peter and his family visit Granny Wendy in London, and you first see her on the stairs as an old woman, I got a slight tear in my eye as she came down and you see her for the first time. Then she talks to Peter and you can tell that she remembers him and who he once was.
Then, the scene that always gets me is when Peter is walking upstairs at night to the old nursery and he looks around at the scenes of pirates in the wallpaper, which we all know is Neverland, he gets a cold chill in him that Robin conveys so perfectly, that everytime I see it, I also get goosebumps.

Great movie.


Totally agree. Very well said. I loved this interpretation of Peter Pan and Hook. I love the Musical score and movie poster. Nice cast from Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams to Julia Roberts and Bob Hoskins. I know there are a lot of criticisms of the film but there is a reason this movie is on the "Low RT score, but is actually really good list". A Childhood favorite that still holds up.