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Any News When This Might Be Released on DVD?

I really enjoyed this one and was wondering if there was any information whether it might be released on DVD? Ned Beatty was really terrific in this one.


I purchased a R2 copy from a German supplier on eBay. The soundtrack is the normal English Dolby Digital 2.0 and the picure is a crisp widescreen transfer.



Go to and search for HEAR MY SONG under DVDs. When the HEAR MY SONG page appears, enter your email address in the window on the top right. Encourage friends to do likewise. You're voting for the movie to be released on DVD. The studios actually pay attention to these votes.... Do likewise for ENCHANTED APRIL.


This has been released on DVD in Australia, but:

1. It is the worst transfer of any film that I have ever seen from a crap video tape. The original film they transferred across suffered from much damage to the picture and to the sound. If I didn't know better I'd be tempted to believe that it is a pirate release!

2. Faced with the opportunity to release the director's cut in widescreen, they released it in the original version - 5 minutes shorter - and in 4:3.

The whole thing is a mess and if the studio is taking any notice, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this release.

I have also emailed the Australian publisher to tell them what I think of them.

Do not buy this Australian release under any circumstances - you will be terribly disappointed.


I have just found some info about this film being re-released on DVD on the 17th of March 2008 via the EzyDVD web site.
The link to the site is...
I trawled the Internet searching for it after seeing Adrain Dunbar in an ep of Murphy's Law...
I hope this is no joke and that this is a good transfer as I have jumped at this opportunity to add this movie to my collection...
Its a classic...




Who owns the rights?

Go to [email protected] and ask them to work on the Apu trilogy and Sholay.


I've seen "Hear My Song" three times. First in 1991 when it came to theaters in California. Second on our flight to London in 1992. Third, on our flight back to California. I enjoyed the third showing as much as the first.

I bought the soundtrack CD primarily because of Irish tenor Brian Hoey's version of "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen". (Josef Locke was played by Ned Beatty in the film.)

This comedy is subtle at first, then gets roaring when they leave England to search the Irish countryside for the mysterious tenor Josef Locke.

Maybe Netflix should get on these guys to release a DVD. Another hidden gem of a movie was, I believe, "Music From Across the Room" it was the first time I saw Jude Law in a film. I rented it on VHS in the '90s.
Don't know if it ever made the theaters.


OK, "Hear My Song" junkies: Amazon UK has a release date scheduled for 27 July 2009.....I'll believe it when I see it, since Amazon here in the US had it scheduled for Nov of '06. I guess the DVD manufacturers are too busy doing Hannah Montana & Dog The Bounty Hunter box sets, but I've put in my advance order....which brings me to the director, Peter Chelsom. Now I can see him doing "Funny Bones", but I just found he did the H Montana movie!! Eeeek!!
And while we're on the subject of hidden gems: "Still Crazy": Stephen Rea, Bill Nighy, Juliet Aubrey, Billy Connolly, Tim Spall, a pretty cool soundtrack, and a nice "psychedelic" interlude at Avebury Circle. Friends of mine in the UK who I gave a copy of "Still Crazy" to had never heard of it, but they love it, too.


It's out in the UK and is on Amazon!
I see the UK version is 5 minutes longer than the VHS US version. I'll be getting an all region player andsending for it soon. There's so much availiable in the UK that we don't have here.
if someone would finally release the Shmenge Brother's THE LAST POLKA on DVD!



Does anyone know if this version has the scene of Mickey's mother's death (right at the very beginning).

I got a German DVD several years ago and this scene has been cut.


Miramax has the rights to this film, and just recently, I had discovered that Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, a Wisconsin-based DVD company, had been given the rights to distribute a good number of titles from the Miramax library onto DVD and possibly Blu-Ray. This film could certainly be one of those titles.