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Question: Guy on bike before parry's love confession scene

Maybe I'm the only one who is raising this, but before parry walks lydia home and confesses his love to her, they are passing through a very dark and unsettling neighbourhood, basically where lydia is residing.

As they are walking and talking, a guy on a bike passes lydia and whispers to her closely 'Oh lydia!' In a very scary, almost demonic voice.

Can anyone explain to me what that is all about? Knowing terry gilliam and his movies, i'm sure he was trying to convey something very disturbing there.

If anyone knows the answer, please shed some light on the topic.



I've often wondered that myself. My theory is possibly it was another one of Parry's hallucinations and he just "heard" the guy say that in his own mind...


"Can anyone explain to me what that is all about?"

I was expecting the guy to make some sort of return into the proceedings later on, but it never happened.

I can't figure out the significance of this scene's inclusion either.

Perhaps as you say, it's just Terry Gilliam,


Wasn't the black man on the motorcycle the same one Parry "rents" the basement from? There's only a brief glimpse, but I believe so--and presumably he would have talked with Parry about her.

Now why it was necessary for him to be there, I can't tell you. Remnant from a deleted scene maybe?


I always took that scene to show how Lydia "got around", and had slept with a lot of people, the guy on the bike being one of them. She talks about how she's been lied to before, one night stands, etc., so I always took it as showing how she'd had been with a lot of men, trying to find someone to stay with her.


It always seemed to me that he represented the impending arrival of The Red Knight.



Lots of weird responses to this one. Most likely explanation is the man was in the Chinese restaurant and was watching Parry sing Lydia the Tattooed Lady, which starts with "Oh Lydia."


Yeah, it was not someone from the restaurant or any 'real' person - just imagination of either Perry or Lydia. Yes, it could be another crazy street person who puts tinfoil all over his bike, but more likely a figment of imagination.