Which 1?

Hello Folks:

I was at a mom-n-pops rental DVD store, and it was just by luck that I stumbled across this comedy movie. Instinctively, something told me to rent it for the weekend and watch it. (Perhaps it was because I saw the photograph of Lilly beating up Sam on the back cover, or Honey almost wrapping her legs around Nelson's legs.) Anyway, I finally saw the film a day later, and made an assessment of it. I have to say that even though both Father and Son (Sam and Nelson) were engaged in a lot of criminal behavior, no one can deny the chemisty and bonding that was seen between Parent and Child. In fact, after Sam was finally busted and caught, I was highly concerned about who was going to watch over Nelson, even though he was almost an adult himself. We all knew that he certainly would not be listening to Lorraine; she was like a total stranger to him. I was not sure if I wanted to feel disgust or relief after Nelson broke his father out of jail with that trash truck. (Did any of the rest of you feel this way?) Anyway, I still thought that the drama in this movie was OK; an anti-heroic duo battled all of their odds and came out on top. I just wish and hope that they don't continue to engage in this kind of illegal activity again; they may not be able to return to the streets next time. I would strongly advise Nelson to go to law school so that he can "stay legit". (I think that Lorraine will see to that; I hoped that they did not try to rob that bank that they passed at the very end of this movie. Did they?)

Besides the stuff that I see in the sci fi, fantasy, horror and military history movies that I naturally like anyway because of their subject matters and natures, I always seem to run across a few action and comedy movies that feature a woman doing one or more of my favorite fetishes/fantasies. (Why does that happen so much?) Such is the case with this movie, with various scenes of a skillful female martial artist doing her thing, a woman who is an expert fast driver and a sexy girl next door eventually "giving it up". So, for the guys: Which one did you like the best, Lilly, Lorraine or Honey? Lilly was a real, CLASSIC bad-a## b^^^h, she was often armed and skilled in karate, even though she did not have too much "upstairs". Also, she was even domineering in bed. (Oh man, I just loved that scene with her and that other guy! She was not going to wait to have sex; she was going to "do it" again right then and there, even if she had to kick that food out of that guy's hand!) Even though she was a villainess and everything, I was almost turned on by the scene towards the end of the movie where she decided to "stickup" the ticket center by herself - as long as she had a trusty shotgun and Nelson as a hostage - while having that other guy just wait for her and drive her off. (Even though she exemplified the Girls With Fetish very well, I thought that was a very low point for her to take Nelson as a hostage, though. I felt that showed her as a real cowardly b^^^h.) For some reason, I enjoy watching scenes where a woman takes care of all of the "dangerous tasks" while the man kind of waits around for her to finish. I also like the scenarios with the woman firing the weapon(s) in a moving vehicle while the man is driving her away to safety - which has been shown PLENTY of times, now, like in this movie towards the end. (I know, this is beginning to baffle your minds, isn't it? Believe me, I have a lot of twisted fetishes/fantasies. This is almost nothing, though, compared to some of the even wierder stuff that turns me on!) To wrap it all up, Lilly had some legs that served as both powerful weapons and sex appeal, which were even more accentuated as she wore those nice black high heel pumps. I should watch out for women like her; those kind don't hesitate to rip men's balls off if they get double-crossed, and they know how to take advantage of men like crazy. NOTE: I DO NOT CONDONE CRIME OF ANY KIND, ESPECIALLY THEFT, EMBEZZLEMENT, ROBBERY, (ATTEMPTED) MURDER, (ATTEMPTED) RAPE AND ANY FORM OF CHILD ABUSE. ALSO, MANY WILL LABEL ME AS A "PUNK" BECAUSE I PREFER DANGEROUS/TOUGH WOMEN, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE HELD MY OWN IN SEVERAL FIGHTS COMPLETELY BY MYSELF; IT'S JUST THAT I GET TURNED ON BY WOMEN WHO DO UNUSUAL THINGS, THAT'S ALL. (I liked Lilly best in that "office girl-looking" outfit that she wore when she and that other guy first attempted to kidnap Nelson from that police station, even though Lorraine's appearance foiled that plot. I wished there was a scene of her kicking a## and using profanity while in that outfit! Does anyone know of any regular movies where one might find chicks in business suits and high heels kicking butt?) As for Lorraine, I enjoyed her fast driving and her admitting the fact that she used to be in the demolition derbies with Sam. I just love racer chicks and stuntwomen also. Also, I saw Lorraine as a VERY hot MILF. (Do any of the rest of you guys agree?) As for Honey, she was cute, quiet and innocent, until Nelson "deflowered" her. She had a nice body, nice long legs and nice hair, with a beautiful personality. I liked some of the other "extra" chicks who were in the movie, such as the chick that Nelson followed while going into the bank at the beginning of the movie, some of the young bank teller chicks and the toll booth chick that Nelson gave $100 to. Ultimately though, I would actually like a nice combination of both Lilly and Lorraine, with a little taste of Honey. (Get it, A Taste of Honey, the disco duo of the 1970s?) Well, what do the rest of guys have to say about this?

Well, I am going to be looking up the stats on each actress in this movie, and pick which one I absolutely like the most. I know that I am kind of LATE watching this movie, but hey, I am just now watching even older movies, such as several musicals on Turner Classic Movies, too. I have to go now - bye.