Corey Haim campaign“March 19, 2012 - Strong efforts are underway to help COREY get his Hollywood Star! Visit Six Degrees Movies for more info.”

His family are trying to get him on the hollywood walk of fame. If you wish please add your tweet.

"My family is so happy with the #givecoreyastar! campaign! Thanks to everyone involved esp @6degreesofhell and some special fans!”"- Cari Haim

Go visit and join the one and only official campaign group on Facebook——

the lovely campaign creator Jennifer can be found @neverforgethaim

Follow her on twitter also for updates to the campaign.

if you must comment, only constructive comments please, no debates about addictions or anything please.
if you don't like the petition, please do not comment.

6 degrees of hell supporting the petition too, see their blog and link to the petition