Corey Walk of Fame news

#GetCoreyaStar Campaign Update x
Your love and support for Corey and this campaign is totally amazing. The Twitition is doing so well and there is a great FB page which captures everything we are doing – both created by our amazing @NeverforgetHaim.
A quick update which I am certain will be of great interest to you:
- The guys at Six Degrees of hell are working hard on this campaign including:
-They are in contact with the Haim Family who are assisting them in all ways possible
-Six Degrees have already arranged the official signatory for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce application forms and are in contact with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. They are working on letters of influence and other stuff needed to support this application. There is a post-humous 5-yr ruling, as we all know, but Six Degrees are working on this. Who knows, maybe something can be done about this – we shall have to wait and see.
- They have events planned, where they will gather support from industry folk, including a Benefit Screening of Six Degrees of Hell in honour of Haim later this year
-Six Degs are working with various close friends of Corey and all are actively supporting the efforts being made.
-We are all busy ‘hitting up’ twitter accounts, FB pages, Website contact forms etc. We have had responses from a couple of ‘bigger players’ and felt that the follow-up was better from Six Degrees to ensure a professional approach but as and when there are updates on these they will of course be shared widely.
- We have recently made successful contact with the Web Mistress for Corey Haim’s site. She has now, very kindly, posted the links to the Twitter petition and Facebook page. There have of course been posts and blogs made on various fan-sites across the globe. These are captured on the FB page too.
-People like G Tom Mac, Alyssa Milano etc are aware of this campaign already so we don't need to badger them about it.
- published an article we submitted to them :) let us know if u have not seen yet.
- Very importantly, Corey Feldman, Judy and Cari Haim are all aware of all of our efforts and are 100% on board with this project. I know some think Corey F has been pretty quiet on this, but when the time is right you will all hear him!
- Lastly, we are all in this for the same thing and need to work together. Please remember social media is public so in the interests of our campaign we should remain respectful and professional as far as possible as we do not want to jeopardise this in any way :) I am sure you all agree and support.


Update received from the Amazing Six Degrees of Hell folk today following their trip to LA and their tweet last night ( )

* The makers of American Sunset already have their Corey site ( ) and are now onboard with our campaign and as a result will be offering a ‘Special’ on the American Sunset DVD where a percentage of the cost will be donated to the cost of the star.

We all want to be a part of securing the star for Corey. We have tweeted, Facebooked, signed a petition AND NOW we will be able to say we helped raise the funds – and even have a keepsake at the end of it in the form of a DVD to watch over and over...... Once the offer is available we will ensure the link is tweeted and added to the ‘Official’ Facebook page and posted everywhere possible.
To make this happen you do all need to buy, buy, buy tho

* There was a red carpet event in LA this week, for forthcoming movie The Fields, which had a very high celeb and industry folk turnout. Harrison, together with a personal friend of the Haim Family, begun collecting signatures in support of our campaign, as well as personal endorsement letters too. The Chamber of Commerce will be shown the start of this letter gathering in the forthcoming weeks.

* The Benefit screening of Six Degrees of Hell is still planned for later in the year

* Corey Feldman, as said in the last update, is totally up-to-date on all developments and completely on board. So no need to clog his twitter timeline and Facebook page with requests on this please – We don’t want to put people off by applying constant pressure

* Keep doing what you are doing peeps to drum up support and to get this campaign out there

WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED x … n-the-most … -star.html