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Corey Haim star project fundraiser

Corey Haim star project fundraiser

DONATE DIRECT TO COREY'S STAR - we have UNTIL 29 JULY 11.59PM to do this people!

Sponsored by "6 Degrees of Hell" to assist a fan drive to secure a star for the late actor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This movement is personally endorsed by Haim's mother, Judy.

We have secured an official Hollywood manager to sign the proper petition by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, the paperwork is ready to go. There is a fee of over $30,000.00 USD We are asking $40,000 in the event this fee changes over time or any additional "contingencies" are involved.

We have met with the Chamber of Commerce to relax the "five year waiting period" on deceased celebrities. The Chamber is open to this consideration provided the fee is able to be paid up front.

Why Help?
Corey Haim gave a lot of memories to a lot of people and a generation of film goers. His unfortunate death at a young age left behind a legacy of entertainment that should be recognized with the most basic of Hollywood awards.