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Keith Bailey Critic Post is Way Off

Please don't pay attention to the reviews that dish this movie and dismiss John Travolta. While the viscous dog fight in opening scene made me turn away and a poor choice that would make many turn it off. No animals were hurt doing the scene, but I still couldn't watch it. With some editing of that scene and one or two others, and voice overs for the language that may not be suits for those who have lived in seclusion for the past decade, this can be a great family film for teens with PG. Mr Bailey write a short novel dissing the film I hope people will ignore. Many actors have done movies with pets and dogs as the co stars. Tom Hanks in Hootch and Richard Gere with a Siberian Husky. Not Academy Award winners at all and a bit silly for my taste, but didn't turn off producers or directors from offering top celebrity roles. John Travolta deserved his role in Pulf Fiction and Taritino was right on and instinctively knew Travolta was perfect for the role. It wasn't a hand out or a "Dress Rehearsal" Watch this film. It's worth your time without being nominated for an Oscar