JK knives

The one used in the movie is extremely beautiful, due partly to the excellent polish, but I haven't been able to find it online. Must have been a one-off.. Anyway JK knives are hideously overpriced for what they are ('luxury' items), so I don't know what kind of deal he cut with the movie producer to have his knife featured in the film.

Anyone know what kind of knife the bad guy has? That's just as beautiful as the JK.


This is a similar Joe Kious model but with ivory. They have a hefty price, but they are gorgeous.


Which bad guy did you mean?


That is very nice. In the movie too, the 440C stainless steel was said to be a steel of fighting knives. I don't really agree with that, but it's adequate I suppose. I think the price of this knife is high because of the quality of the finish and especially the horn scales. The knife in the movie I meant was the one used by the bald guy, Hermes's boss. He has the most beautiful knife in the movie.

It was a bit like this one (also by JK):


There's one on ebay active right now (07-21-12).

Beautiful. It will sell high, I think, even with the economy.

Fun to look at the pictures :)



It went for $875. I don't like the rosewood handle and yes, it's a quality knife but not worth that much.