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Intriguing, visual knife fighting scenes

I thought EXPOSURE (1991) was a much better movie than the little attention it received. As I recollect, it was a straight-to-VHS movie.

Peter Coyote has always been an effective, skilled actor, never relying on physical looks, which he doesn't have, but on his method acting and screen presence. Coyote never got the big breaks he deserved. Thankfully he still has acting work.

I've always been a fan of foreign actor, Tcheky Karyo, who is more of a charactor actor, playing, subdued, quiet, sometimes moody, secretive type that masks depth of character and potentially explosive energy. You could never quite be certain if Tcheky Karyo was a good guy or the bad guy. He always seemed to play secretive, action-type characters who owed moral allegience to neither good nor evil, although he seemed to lean towards good at times. I don't recall Karyo playing outright evil types.

Coyote and Karyo seem to be the kind of, man's man actors, not pretty boys by any stretch, but real man-types, rugged in and out. Both actors remain active in the film business, thank goodness. We appreciate male actors chose for their acting skills, film presence and deliberate, non-pretty boy, rugged, masculine looks that are almost unattractive, yet appealing in the macho way.

KNIFE FIGHTING: I was extremely fascinated by the knife fighting training Mandrake (Coyote) learned under Hermes (Karyo) and the climatic knife fighting scene between Mandrake and Hermes' boss and own knife teacher. That was a nice twist.
For years I would mimic the training movements that Mandrake performed in front of the mirror. I know nothing of actual knife fighting. Does anyone out there know if actual knife-fighting techniques were used in the knife training scenario, or was it all Hollywood acting?
After watching EXPOSURE I wanted to learn those knife fighting skills shown in the movie. At this time, it's probably for the best that I didn't learn knife fighting. I probably would have gotten into trouble.


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