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This movie is surprisingly good!

I saw part of this movie on TV and decided to get it on DVD. It is a surprisingly good movie and I'm not sure why it's overlooked!

John Heard (who when I watch this I can't help but think Peter McCallister) is amazing! He is so sweet then just turns to being so sour, so mean! He plays the character so well.

Goldie Hawn is just dazzling in this movie! Her hair is so beautiful and she looks so classy. She's a wonderful actress who compliments John Heard! They are both so believeable!

This movie has a lot of twists/turns and if you are watching it for the first time you REALLY don't know how it's going to go until the very end!

5 stars!!!!!


this is a great movie good suspense good twists and turns yes

been a long time since i saw it but is worth watching again


I agree! I saw this movie in the theater. When it is shown on TV I always enjoy it. Both Hawn and Heard give wonderful performances.