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The little girl is so ANNOYING!

She seems to have split personalities!!!!!!!! Whenenver her dad is around she is all happy and excited. But her dad dies twice in the movie, and she never even seems all that sad about it! The first time she at least has time to talk about his "death". Then later he turns up again and she's excited... then he dies for real, and it's like she doesn't know! What a screwed up family. It's like she doesn't remember ever having a dad!

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I thought that too!
In fact, I thought that both Adrienne and the daughter didn't seem to miss the dad at all the first time he 'died'. They seemed almost like nothing had happened.

She controlled the animals of the forest even the trees seeming to do her bidding.


well thats kids. Theyre immature they dont know what they want.

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Oh wow, I interpreted the little girl's reactions the exact opposite. Her character is only 6 years old. Being so young, parents focus hard on trying to keep a sense of normalcy after something tragic. She talks about the dad at the grave site, but then they show everyday life resuming and the nanny comes back.

When dad shows up later, Mary is just a child wishing her daddy would come back from Heaven and there he is. She even says to Adrian, "Daddy is really back Mommy!" Then as they're packing at the end, Mary is sad as she brings her treasured photo album to Adrian and says, "We forgot this Mommy." Like it was really important to bring the album and for her daddy to not be forgotten.

The kid that annoyed me was the friend!! Ugh! Her parents were even worse! I loved it when she took the necklace and asked if anyone was in charge. :) Lol!

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I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. Ashley Peldon, who portrayed "Mary" the daughter of Adrienne (Goldie Hawn's character) overacted the entire movie. In addition, they should have chosen another young actress based on her appearance. "Mary" bore no resemblance to Adrienne nor Jack (John Herd's character). Although Jack's mother, glancing at the child's photos, remarked to Adrienne, "she has my eyes", it was obvious that Mary bore no resemblance to her grandmother either. In today's films, casting agencies do much better; a great example is the young actors who portrayed younger versions of the cast of "Boardwalk Empire').


She's a little kid... She doesn't really know what's going on . U can't expect alittle kid to have the mind of an adult and understand everything .