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My parents would have spanked my tail

If I had taken jewelry from a friend in the first place. When the little girl was picked up, she asked her mother if she could have it and the the mother said yes, without even clearing it first. My mother would have said hell no, especially since it obviously wasn't from a bubble gum machine.

"Duh. You're the idiot. Not me."


I'm not sure our mothers would have CARED if it came from a bubble gum machine or not--for my mom at least, and I suspect for yours too, what mattered is that is WASN'T yours and you, my child, cannot put pressure on a friend to give away their property.

Hey, my mom was tough but fair.


My mother would have spanked me only if I refused to return the necklace. As soon as she saw me with something like that she would have marched me right over to the person's house and made me give that necklace back. Her reasoning was she would be wondering WHO is giving her daughter such beautiful and/or lavish gifts and WHY. She would be thinking that something very inappropriate may be happening and would quickly nip it in the bud.