What happens at the end?

I missed the very end of the movie. I know the girl kills herself but what happens to the rest of them? Do they ever get caught?

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<spoilers, of course>

The budding lawyer (Zanna) and the news reporter (Sunnie) go to the police station. While Sunnie is looking at their friend's body, Zanna talks to the police and makes a deal. She receives immunity in return for testifying against Sunnie. Sunnie doesn't know she's doing this. Zanna finds Sunnie and tells her "they want the driver, they don't want me." As this sinks in for Sunnie, the two detectives on the case walk towards her.

Then cut to their house, the "pink palace." It's almost empty; Zanna, who is moving out, is sitting on a box watching the tape of Sunnie's news report for the campus station that was played at the beginning of the movie--"the friendships are the most valuable thing we leave with."

A very good movie. I just watched it for the first time.

It's interesting that the actress who played Zanna is the one who made it, looking at their filmographies here.


Wow! I wish I had of seen it! Everytime they show this movie I miss it or forget it comes on :( Thanks for the info, though.

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