What Phoebe

You rang? What on earth did you want? yeah that is Her Aprodite. Yeah that was her son hercules. funny isn't it? You read about these people and then they come to life right before your very eyes. Hard sell but hey we got it like that. You worked with my favorite actor of all time Mr. DeNiro. When he is cleaned up onscreen he really looks decent. He created a acting beast out of all you i see. he looked at all those ancient greek text and started making scenes for plays and voila. You all are movie magic celebrities. You all kind of owe him a thank you. He is funny right? he you gotta remember those mideval time were really rough they just look fascinating on film. We all had to do something to get by. Trying not to discover certain things and discover others all at the same time is a tough job. Mr. Sasson i did hear she died and i just have not gotten around to this site yet. Comes at full circle. What a way to remember her today. :-)