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How much is Jennifer Jason Leigh in this?

I probably should've asked this question BEFORE I ordered the DVD, because that's the only reason I have to watch it.

Is she a major or minor character?


Unfortunately, Jennifer is underused in this particular family squabble; she doesn't get to take center stage.
Jennifer has had a good film career, and has done some good stuff on the stage also.
I feel though that she is still one of the most undervalued American actresses working today. Yes, she has had acclaim, but I don't think she has been appropriately rewarded for some of her best work... And that may be because of the scripts she chooses.
I know that she consciously selects roles based on her own criteria and not necessarily for box office potential, and sometimes a lot of the more juvenile theater-goers might miss the point of her sophisticated approach to character creation.
However because she does sometimes land the roles that make room for her individuality and superb talent her fans get to see her at her most creative. I just hope she can continue to find those more rare roles because she is an actress that is riveting when she's in the zone; there's one quite like her.


Shame about her being underused in this, but I'll be watching it regardless.

Agreed 100% about her career. She's pretty much flawless from what I've seen her in, and even if the script lacks, she gives an outstanding performance. Luckily, it looks like she has a revival going on now after Hateful Eight and Anomalisa.