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Who was Ruthie's Mother?

At the very beginning Ruthie talks about wanting to go home and Mrs Teale says she "just misses her Mama". If Mrs T isn't her mother who is? And is she Laban's full sister or what?


Both children were eve s step children.
Evie's husband Jacob was a widower when Evie married him.

If I had ever read the book, there's probably some background for Jacob - but each time I watch it, I always feel like this remote cabin and wanting to raise cattle was either a dream Jacob had always wanted to persue and I upon his first wife's death he did so as soon as he found a wife to take care of his kids ...

Or, maybe he wanted to get as far away as possible from memories of his first wife - going out and building this cabin then getting a wife and bringing them there ...

At any rate, one of my all time FAVOURITE westerns - so authentic - this movie was the greatest influence in my ongoing desire to learn the fiddle . . .