Missing scene

The very first time I ever saw this movie was a rented VHS tape (LONG time ago huh!)

ANYway, I clearly remember a scene where Conagher and the boy Laban are riding out and they come across the remains of his father and the horse. Laban cries a little and mentions something about telling Evie ...

Since then, I have bought it on VHS,rented it on DVD,and now own it on DVD and have never seen this scene again!!

On the VHS I bought, there was even a picture of the skeletal remains on the back over - but the scene was not in the movie.

So Weird!!

I loved the idea of that final, complete closure for Evie and always wondered why this scene was cut -

I finally decides it was cut because, in those harsh days,
I'm sure many'a man rode the
days-long-miles to town, never
seen or heard from again . . .


My first copy of this was when my Dad taped it on VHS with commercials and all. I bought a DVD and now I am watching it on VIMEO.

I do not recall ever seeing that scene--but it's the sort of scene that I can easily imagine perhaps being in some version of the film.

I almost think it was good to leave it out, because that uncertainty of what happened to Jacob is part of the reality of the old west.


I think your memory is combining the book with the movie. In the book Conagher comes across Teale's remains, and his money. I watched it when it first came out and no scene like that.