More films like this?

Save the obvious stuff like Buffy and Harry Potter, or even Hellboy, can anyone recommend other films that fuse magic and sorcery with modern day settings?

I'm looking for underrated gems, so the more obscure, the better.



Try Dresden Files if you haven't seen it (TV series)


*Witch Hunt* is a sequel to *Cast a Deadly Spoell*:



There was an episode of the TV series Sliders where they journeyed to an alternate Earth where everyone in the society was either a witch or a warlock and the use of magic was an everyday occurrence. The writers HAD to have gotten the idea from CADS...

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perhaps i'll sound like a boob but "nothing but trouble" (1991) as for atmosphere at least, but what this really reminds of is the classic bogart flicks, to me this feels too theatrical and full of self awareness, why not just watch a real bogart movie instead which this is based on, these people walk around like a pale imitation and it looks like their hats are about to fall over their faces. as a viewer of old movies i recognise part of it playing out like "the big sleep". notice when the guy is falling dead on the floor you can see his eye blink, and on that it seems to be some error in lip sync. since magic can make them do everything why not make the movie disappear, i didn't get the point of this. notice one actor from the 1983 twilight zone movie.


on road your cheerfulness made wheels roll,
flowers bloom where you go,
since gone i ride carriage as ghost,
weeds and death where i go,
head hangin low on road.


None. Class of its own.