The 'El Bulto' Rap

i really liked this movie, it has a very interesting plot, and a good message about the state of mexican politics, my only problem is at the end of the movie, The "El Bulto Rap" was that nessesary?
it only shows that mexicans can't and should not try to rap, leave the rapping to those people,
you know who i mean?
what do you call them?
ah yes, profesional rappers!


Even when I'm mexican, I can't agree more with you, the whole movie is great, the only thing that takes out some points of this movie is that rap, I mean, now when I see it is kinda funny, but the first time was really awfull


You missed the point, miranda. The "rap" has nothing to do with imitating black rappers. IMO the "rap" was added in order to emphasize how Lauro reluctantly had to give up on his principles and beliefs, then and just then he could be finally accepted by his "NEW" family and "NEW" friends.
It's like saying "Hey, if you can't convince them, join them!".
The ending is bittersweeet, you can clearly see that in the last shot, a close-up on Lauro's face, you don't know if he's crying or laughing or both.

Maybe they used a rap because is easy to improvise and because "Rap" was a symbol of the new times that Lauro rejected first but had to accept finally.

Just my 2 cents.

BTW The movie is fantastic. 'Good Bye, Lenin' feels like a sort of rip-off of 'El bulto'.