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Some of the best fighting and training ever!!

Out of all the fighting films I have ever seen, this one has hands down the best. The talent in this film is really something. NOT the acting talent, but that is why the fighting is so good. Nowadays we have actors who learn a few choreographed moves and bam they call it a martial arts film. In this one we have the oriental kid from the goonies, and guess what HE CAN FIGHT.

Stuff I liked:
-Unlike understudies that wax cars and paint fences and call it training, these guys actually did some really cool stuff.
-Bolo Yeung does what he does best, brutalizes people for no reason
-likable leads
-it gets you pumped up

Stuff I hated:
-the plastic pizza
-the horrible acting
-the awkward silences
-the stereotypical 80's feel

Also there is a guy on here who is pretty much Zach Morris from saved by the bell.

"Why the he** does high fructose corn syrup have to be in everything there is to eat in America?"